Bruno Santanera describes:
“stress = tension = electricity + magnetism”
which together form the components of the word electromagnetism.
The Basics Of Life!
Our grandparents used terms like tense and nervous. The word stress comes from the Latin verb stringere and means to tension and tension. During the Second World War, the Allied came to liberate Europe. According to the Europeans, the Allied all suffered from tension but they used stress rather than the word tension. This was because the Canadian doctor H. Selye had introduced the word stress for people with psychological and physical complaints in the 1930s.

The words ‘tension’ and ‘tense’ are barely used these days; we are much more likely to use stress and stressed to talk about all sorts of complaints. There is a lot of ‘confusion’ about the meaning of the word stress, even though the original work of doctor H. Selye describes it quite clearly. “Stress is Tension”, Essential to Life!

Practical experience since 1980
Patients would turn up to Bruno Santanera’s practice and would have permanent complaints, such as headaches, insomnia, muscle ache, phantom pains, hyperventilation, anxiety, palpitations, dermatological complaints, etc. He would always ask them if they’d been to see a doctor. The doctor often diagnosed “stress” and that the patient was too busy or worried too much.

Most patients were given tranquilisers, creams or painkillers. In first instance they were satisfied with what their doctor said, but for many the problem was not solved…… and the result was “that the patient would have to learn to live with this”. So they came to Bruno Santanera. He explained the scientific content and meaning of “stress is tension” and an unstable electromagnetic field. In other words, a surplus of positive (+) charge or a surplus of negative (-) charge uses the central nervous system to find its way out to the weak points in our body and causes or deteriorates physical and psychological complaints.

Bruno Santanera:
Has solved with the “explanation of his theory and invention” the equilibrium of the unstable electromagnetic voltage: For these patients!


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