Electricity + Magnetism is Electromagnetism.
The basics of life!
More than 80% of the European population is not yet aware that our body contains electromagnetism. Electromagnetism consists of the two components; electricity and magnetism. This is the basis of life. This was popularly called “stress” due to ignorance, nowadays we talk about “stress“. An excess of tension (stress) always refers to the weak points in the body. It is necessary that this tension is balanced in order to avoid so many problems. The more tension (stress), the more complaints. The inventor of the BioStabil 2000® (system) has proven that balancing the tension in the body is the answer in preventing, reducing and possibly curing many psychosomatic complaints.

Heart of BioStabil 2000® collection

Heart of BioStabil

The Heart of BioStabil 2000 symbolizes love with the sun as the positive (+) side and the moon as the negative (-) side.
The Heart of BioStabil 2000 comes in a luxurious jewelry box in the shape of a heart.
Santa Croce BioStabil 2000® collection

Santa Croce

The Santa Croce BioStabil 2000 symbolizes hope, faith and love.
The Santa Croce BioStabil 2000 comes in a luxurious jewelery box.
BalanceSensor collection


The BalanseSensor magnetic bracelet is available in different sizes and designs.
Leather bracelet for him and for her made exclusively in Italy.
With narrow strap (23mm) and wide strap (35mm).

Magnetic Field Research Medical Center

Would you like to know more about how our therapeutic magnetic jewelry works? Would you like help in determining, for example, the right size magnetic bracelet or magnetic necklace? We like to help you.!

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