Too much (unstable) tensions is the cause of our problems. The weaknesses are reached and recharged via the nerve, both psychologically and physically. These two charges must be brought into balance in the body, ie stabilized, in order to prevent, slow down and possibly heal the above problems.
A BioStabil 2000® (system) should absolutely not be used by PACEMAKER wearers.

When using a BioStabil 2000® (system), you must continue to use the medicines prescribed by your general practitioner. When you feel better again, reduce the medication in consultation with your doctor.

You can only gradually reduce painkillers, tranquilizers and sleeping pills yourself.


A BioStabil 2000® (system) must never come into direct contact with bank and credit cards that have a pin code strip. The same goes for audio and video tapes. (It erases the data). When wearing a BioStabil 2000® (system), avoid direct contact with metal objects, jewelery or other magnetic therapeutic products, as this may block the rotation of the Neodymium magnet in the BalanceSensor. Direct contact can cause unsightly scratches and dents on the BioStabil 2000, so always put a cloth or clothing in between. Even if you want to demonstrate the magnetic power of the BioStabil 2000 to others, beware of damage. Therefore, always ensure that there is sufficient distance.

Maintenance BioStabil 2000® (system)

The BioStabil 2000 may never be soldered or welded. The magnetic force of the pendant/bracelet is affected by heating above 150 degrees Celsius. Maintenance of the BioStabil 2000® (system) is best done with a clean damp cloth.


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