Too much (unstable) tensions is the cause of our problems. The weaknesses are reached and recharged via the nerve, both psychologically and physically. These two charges need to be brought into balance in the body, ie stabilized, in order to prevent, slow down and possibly heal the problems listed below.

Magnetism (see encyclopedia): unequal poles attract.

When our body has an excess of positive (+) voltage, the BioStabil 2000® will place the negative side (-) against the body.

An excess of positive (+) voltage causes and worsens:

When our body has an excess of negative (-) tension, the BioStabil 2000® will place the plus side (+) against the body.

An excess of negative (-) voltage causes and worsens:

no resistance (psychological and physical) no resistance (psychological and physical)
nervousness lifeless (weakness of will)
restlessness tiredness and melancholy
hot flashes depression
rush depression and despondency
insomnia no perseverance
hyperventilation sad (too sensitive)
palpitations hyperventilation
anxiety palpitations
predisposition to aggressiveness insomnia
inflammation in general slow blood circulation
constipation (poor bowel movements) anemia, sallow and pale
itch cold hands and feet
skin rash low bloodpressure
bronchitis dizziness
asthma poor concentration
fever forgetfulness
too high blood pressure insecurity (no self confidence)
dizziness shyness
fast acting thyroid inferiority complex
nerve pains no or little sexuality
phantom pains slow-acting thyroid gland
twitch (tic) infertility
muscle aches and cramps degenereren (slijtage)
neck and joint pains neck and joint pains
senses muscle aches and cramps
press the eyes senses
epilepsy tired eyes
headache headache


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